Analog blog-post and a Q&A with me!

So alongside my story “Where the Buffalo Cars Roam” about make-do-and-mend survival in a post-apocalypse world where a few autonomous vehicles still run wild – you have read it, right? – the Analog blog site (aka the Astounding Analog Companion) have very kindly published a blog I wrote and a Q&A session with me.

The blog-post revisits the thorny old debate about which is better: physical books or e-books? Of course, what’s best for an individual partly depends on what you’re hoping to gain from the reading experience, your circumstances and surroundings, and in no small part, personal preference. There is no right or wrong answer – but I had fun looking at some of the pros and cons and exploring my own feelings on the matter.

The Q&A explores the many influences (science fictional and otherwise) on my reading down through the years, my author heroes and some of the things which triggered the writing of “Where the Buffalo Cars Roam.” It was a fun exercise answering Analog’s questions and I’m absolutely thrilled to be featured on the Analog Companion website. Who would ever have thought it!

You can check them both out here:

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