“After the Gold Rush” anthology

I’m pleased to report that a story of mine called “Down on the Klondike” has been selected by the wonderful Juliana Rew for the forthcoming Third Flatiron anthology titled “After the Gold Rush.”

I love the Third Flatiron anthologies. They are published a couple of times a year and each anthology has an overall theme which is broad enough to spark a wide range of ideas and styles in the selected material. There’s always a great spread of stories covering different styles and voices which often push the boundaries of science fiction, fantasy and even light horror. Each story is unique in its approach but they are always compelling reads. Readers will be assured of a great mix – very much something for everyone’s tastes – including much needed doses of humour.

I’m lucky enough to be making my fourth appearance in a Third Flatiron anthology, alongside a host of very talented writers. You can check out my previous stories “Sweet Release”, “All Fuzzed Out and Fractal” and “Ephemeralities” – the details are on the Short Fiction page of my website.

I think the anthology will hit the stores round about mid July but I’ll update and post links once I have the details.

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