A picture’s worth a thousand words….

But some pictures are priceless.

Case in point: I give you this wonderful piece of art by Vytautas Vasiliauskas, one of the twelve Illustrators of the Future winners this year. It’s the accompanying illustration for my story “Dark Equations of the Heart.”

But you’ll have to read the story (published in Writers of the Future, Volume 35) to understand just why this is such a clever and well-executed piece of artwork.

It captures all the key elements of the story in a way that is so vivid and yet subtle, that I would have scarcely believed possible.

Indeed, one of the highlights of the week-long Writers and Illustrators of the Future workshops is the ‘art reveal.’

This is the moment where, for the first time, all the winning authors get to see the accompanying piece of artwork produced by the winning illustrators.

The atmosphere in the room is absolutely electric – and it can be quite an emotional experience for all concerned.

Without exception, all the art was absolutely stunning – and yet at the same time, distinct and varied. The authors joked beforehand about what we’d do if any of us was confronted by something we didn’t like, but in hindsight it was obvious this was never going to be a problem. The talent and professionalism of this year’s group of illustrators is mind-blowing.

So if you’re into great works of futuristic art and you like reading great science fiction and fantasy stories, what are you waiting for? Writers of the Future, Volume 35 deserves a place on your bookshelf!

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