While this blog has been frozen in the interstices between quantum wave-states (or dozing, if you prefer) for the last few months, there’s been exciting news for the Writers of the Future Volume 35 anthology.

There have been awards! Not one, not two, but three (count ’em!), which I’m told hasn’t happened before.

Of course, it’s great to get the buzz of recognition and achievement that an award brings. I’m sure all the authors and artists with work featured in Volume 35 are just as thrilled as I am. But these awards are also a testament to the fabulous work of many people behind the scenes: the contest administrators, organisers and many folk at Galaxy Press who work so tirelessly to promote the Writers and Artists of the Future contest and publish the anthology every year–not forgetting the illustrious roll-call of judges. It’s a huge team effort that brings equally huge changes to the lives of those authors and artists it boosts. Just look at the extraordinary number of successful careers it has kick-started over many years.

So what were the awards? In no particular order, Volume 35 won “Best Anthology” in the Critters Annual Readers Poll, The New York City Big Book Award and the Benjamin Franklin Award (given by the Independent Book Publishers Association). Yay! Go us!

I’ve started to dip into this year’s award anthology – Volume 36 (ah, how time flies!) and the standard this year is also extremely high. I hope to post a review of these new stories here just as soon as I’ve read them in their entirety. I can tell you that based on what I’ve seen so far, I suspect there will be a strong award showing for this coming year, too!

Many congratulations to all concerned.

Here’s the link for the latest anthology, Volume 36: